Renting out

Successfully rent out your homes through Vesting Vastgoed.

Vesting Vastgoed is always searching for clients with rental accommodations.

Whether it is a room, studio, apartment or villa. With more than 20 years of experience, our professional team is fully motivated to find suitable tenants for your accommodation. Please read further if you are interested in what Vesting Vastgoed can offer you!


After we have met you (in person), we will make an appointment for the intake where we will explain our work policy. One of our experienced colleagues will measure, appraise and take pictures of the accommodation. An clear and catchy description will be made by us and we will place your accommodation into our automated system. Vesting Vastgoed will freely advice you about the selling price and will discuss the best-selling strategy for your object.


Not only is your accommodation placed on our busy website and partnersites (Pararius, Funda, Huislijn, Woninghuren, Houselink, X-pat rentals, etc.) all our registered users who meet the viewfinder profile are automatically and immediately informed of your accommodation!


You decide in cooperation with us the profile of your prospective tenant. We will search for the right candidate for you. Of course we do a background check on your prospective tenant using Experian and/or Credit safe. This does not bring any additional costs.


To be sure that your accommodation is rented as quickly as possible, we find it convenient that we possess the key of the accommodation. All keys will be given a unique code (there is no address on the key label) so that we are the only ones that know which code accompanies which key.

Extra services

In the event that the tenant needs to arrange his/her own energy and water supply, we take it on us to help the tenant in this matter so that you are assured your accommodation has an energy/water supply contract.

If you do not wish to make use of our additional service of inspection reports, we give the tenant at all times a “checklist” which they must complete, sign and return within 14 days. Because tenants tend to not hand it in on time, we advise you to do an inspection report. In the event that the tenant terminates the contract within the contract period, he/she must pay the costs of the inspection report. Conducting the inspection is free of charge, depending on which option you choose. Please contact us for more information about these options.

Because not everything runs smoothly at the beginning of the rent period, we tell the tenant that if there are any problems they can contact us in the first weeks instead of the landlord. Frequent troubles are for example, not knowing how certain (kitchen) equipment work, the previous tenant left the house dirty, where to bring the trash etc. We are happy to help with such issues without bothering the landlord.

You can always leave an extra key with us for safekeeping. This is always useful when for example a contractor needs the keys, or the tenant lost their key, etc. We never give a key to anybody without consulting the landlord.

If the tenant does not comply with his/her monthly payments we send a maximum of two reminders and/or contact the landlord.


Vesting Vastgoed works on a ‘no cure, no pay basis’. Because the landlord is in the client in this case we charge a rental fee (commission). There are two options, please contact us for our options and an overview of the costs.

A lot of our services are free of charge. If you have doubts about something or you wish to obtain an complete overview of all our additional services, do not hesitate to ask one of our employees.

Please click here in case you don’t want to deal with all the worries and concerns of rentals and are interested in how we can simplify it for you.

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