Frequently Asked Questions

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I would like to view an accommodation, what do I have to do?

Viewings at with Vesting Vastgoed are free of (extra) charge and unlimited. Viewings can only take place after registration and will always be under guidance of one of the experienced employees. Viewings can be held individually or in groups. Also it is possible to view more accommodations at once. Don’t have own transportation? No worries, you can travel along in one of the Vesting Vastgoed vehicles. A viewing can easily be arranged here or by phone.

Do I have to pay for registration and viewings?

There are no direct costs attached. Registration and viewings are non binding. Vesting Vastgoed has a ‘no cure – no pay’ policy which means that costs are only being applied when there is a successful transaction. See costs

Can I rent an accommodation unseen?

No, we do not rent properties without viewing. However it is possible to let a third party do the viewing for you.

Is there a waiting list?

No, we do have a waiting list.

Do I have to provide all my documents after my registration?

No, we only need your documents after you have viewed an accommodation and you are sure you would want to rent it.

I have viewed an accommodation and would like to rent it. What do I have to do?

Have you viewed an accommodation you would like to rent? Please, don’t wait to long. During the viewing you will receive the reservation of intent form which has to be returned together with the required documents. Only when your file is complete Vesting Vastgoed will be able to present you to the landlord, who will make the final decision.

How long does it take before I know if I can rent the accommodation?

As soon as your file is complete we will introduce you to the landlord. Usually you will be informed within 3 days about the landlords decisions.

I am a tenant and have an complaint / (repair) request, how do I proceed?

If you renting an accommodation throughout Vesting Vastgoed, but Vesting Vastgoed is not the manager you then need to contact the landlord first. In case you cannot reach him, or there are some difficulties and you have chosen for our service package, you can contact our rental department. In case you are renting an accommodation which is being managed by Vesting Vastgoed, check our Tenants Desk.

Can we help you with something?

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