Searching for accommodation

When searching for a rental accommodation you are here at the right place.

We have a great offer of rooms, studio’s, apartment and houses in the luxurious end of the market in The Hague and surroundings. The rental accommodations are available immediately or in the near future and there are no waiting lists.


Vesting Vastgoed has a wide range of rental accommodations for different target audiences in and around The Hague. We rent out student rooms but also luxurious accommodations to expats and internationals, completely furnished or unfurnished. All our available accommodations are listed on our website. Our offers vary daily and are being displayed on several rental portals. If you want to be kept updated with our new offers, please register yourself on our website. Our new offers are being offered firstly to the candidates that are registered with us.


Registration is without obligations and valid for 1 year. Vesting Vastgoed will contact you as soon as we have received your registration to complete your profile. Only then we will be able to find your best match. After registration you will automatically receive our mailing list with the current offers. In case you want to increase your chances in finding the suitable accommodation you place an exclusive search request.

Search request

Placing a search request has many benefits. Not only will you automatically receive the current offers which are listed on the website of Vesting Vastgoed, but we will also specifically search for available accommodations suiting your needs through other agencies. This means a bigger outreach and Vesting Vastgoed will solely act on your behalf. Beware that if successful, Vesting Vastgoed charges you a one-time commission fee of maximum 1 month rent exclusive VAT.


Viewings at with Vesting Vastgoed are free of (extra) charge and unlimited. Viewings can only take place after registration and will always be under guidance of one of the experienced employees. Viewings can be held individually or in groups. Also it is possible to view more accommodations at once. Don’t have own transportation? No worries, you can travel along in one of the Vesting Vastgoed vehicles. A viewing can easily be arranged here or by phone.


Have you viewed an accommodation you would like to rent? Please, don’t wait to long. During the viewing you will receive the reservation of intent form which has to be returned together with the required documents. Only when your file is complete Vesting Vastgoed will be able to present you to the landlord, who will make the final decision.


Vesting Vastgoed works on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis. When successful you can expect the following costs:

Service package
Vesting Vastgoed’s service package offers you as a tenant a lot of advantages and is being chosen by 99% of our clients. These extra services cover all the work carried out which does not belong to the regular rental tasks such as, but not only, composing a complete and attractive file in order to be introduced to the landlord (requiring extra and missing documents/information), detailed contract meeting, applying for (if applicable) utilities, benefits, (housing)permits and/or annulment of yearly taxes, and setting up an checklist/inspection report. Additionally intermediating when there are issues with the object and/or conflicts with the landlord, intermediating when you are no longer able to comply with the rental responsibilitiesbreach of contract and/or with return of deposit. Also providing tips/advice for a correct final inspection and providing a ‘good tenant declaration’ belong to these extra services. You choose when you wish to make use of these extra services of Vesting Vastgoed for a total package for a one-off fee of € 275,00 excl. 21% VAT. These cost shall be passed on to you when a tenancy agreement has been concluded. When choosing the complete service package you also have the advantage to be able to fall back on Vesting Vastgoed during (and after) the entire rental period for all the rent related affairs. 

No service package
In case you do not want to choose our service package (which is strongly recommended) you can pruchase the wanted services against an hourly rate of € 135,00 excl. 21% VAT. Please note: Vesting Vastgoed shall not automatically be functioning as a safety net during and after the rental period.

Commission fee
In case you have placed an exclusive search request which had a successful transaction the commission fee which is equal to 1 month rent + 21% VAT will be charged by Vesting Vastgoed.

Security deposit
A security deposit is required for all accommodations. The amount depends on the landlord’s request and your income. Normally the de security deposit is equal to 1 month rent.