No worries and concerns regarding the lease.

Don’t want to deal with the daily worries and concerns regarding the lease?

Vesting Vastgoed does not only rent out accommodations, we can also do the management for you. This way your only worry is to check your bank account to see if we’ve paid the monthly rent.


(Complete) Managing of your object(s) has many advantages, for example:

  • Vesting Vastgoed is the first person of contact for the tenants, all complaints and repair requests are being handled by us.
  • Vesting Vastgoed automatically withdraws the monthly rent from tenants bank account. In case of failure to pay the tenant will be reminded as mentioned in the tenancy agreement. The annual rent increase will be automatically calculated.
  • Rent terminations and re-renting will be handled by Vesting Vastgoed.
  • Vesting Vastgoed is responsible for the check-in, pre and final inspection.
  • Utilities, payments of Property Owners Association and all other worries and concerns are being taken care of.

You won’t have to worry anymore and will have more free time. Sounds interesting? We can easily take this over when you choose one of our Management packages.

Management packages

Vesting Vastgoed offers you 3 different packages with option C being the most chosen one.

  • Option A Commercial Management: Full commercial management; We send the tenants a reminder if the rent is not paid in accordance with the lease. Annual rent increases are passed. If all rent and deposits (if desired) are passed on to you; you will remain fully responsible. No credit counseling. Termination of rent and renting it to other tenants again will of course be handled by us.
  • Option B Administrative Management: Same as option A, however with this option we also manage the collection process, answer all the questions and try to solve most of the problems. Regular small maintenance. Deposits are now managed by us. We provide the check-in, pre and final inspection.
  • Option C Complete Management: Same as option B, with the addition of full technical management, energy provider and cable TV. This is the management any management firm offers.

If you wish to have more information regarding the costs and the different Management options please click here and / or contact us for an free estimate.


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