Payment of montly rent

The monthly rent has to be on the account of the landlord before or on every 1st of each month, as stated in your rental agreement.

Direct debit

Your rent will be automatically withdrawn every 1st of each month by Vesting Vastgoed. You have given us the authorization by signing the SEPA form. If agreed otherwise, you are responsible for paying the monthly rent on time.

Not able to pay

In case of failure of the automatic withdrawn you are responsible to transfer the monthly rent manually to Vesting Vastgoed. If by any chance you are not able to comply with your payments please contact Vesting Vastgoed Beheer a.s.a.p. on phone number 070 – 217 1010 or by e-mail.

Bank details

Bank account number: NL61INGB0669708747
In name of : Vesting Vastgoed

Termination of rent

If you are planning on moving out and therefore want to terminate your rental contract don’t forget to keep in mind your official termination period. Unless stated different in your rental agreement the notice of termination is 1 full calendar month, after a minimum rental period of 1 year.

Termination in written

You always have to give a written notice of termination. With this Vesting Vastgoed means a letter with your signature underneath. The address, termination date, your e-mail address, telephone number as well as your new address should be mentioned in the letter. Click here for an example. Please keep in mind that your termination is only valid after it has been confirmed by Vesting Vastgoed. Your letter of termination has to be received by Vesting Vastgoed before the 1st of the month. You can do this personally, by email, or (signed) regular mail.

Pre- and final inspection

After your termination has been confirmed, Vesting Vastgoed will immediately plan an appointment for the pre- and final inspection. This usually takes place 2 weeks before the final inspection. Together with you Vesting Vastgoed will check the state of the accommodation and make agreements regarding the way you should leave the accommodation. Your initial inspection report will be used as guidance. The agreements made will be confirmed by e-mail. You will then have sufficient time to complete what has been agreed.

The condition in which you are returning the accommodation will be checked during the final inspection. This shall take place when your accommodation is empty. Vesting Vastgoed will inspect if the made agreements during the pre-inspection have been followed through. Unless agreed otherwise, the keys should be handed over during the final inspection. You are not allowed to hand over the keys to third parties without consulting or written consent of Vesting Vastgoed. The return condition of the accommodation will also be confirmed by email to you and the landlord. In case of damages or not followed up instructions Vesting Vastgoed is entitled to let a third party restore it and the cost will be for your own account. Here you can find the moving out checklist.

Taking over furniture

In case you have taken some furniture over from the previous tenant at the beginning of your contract (paid or for free) this now belongs to you and may not be left behind in the accommodation. If you wish to offer some furniture to the new tenant we ask you to inform Vesting Vastgoed as soon as possible. Vesting Vastgoed will provide you with the service of offering the furniture to candidates during the viewing. Please note that the eventual transaction will be between you and the new tenant. Vesting Vastgoed can never be held responsible for this.

Individual termination is not possible

Are you renting an accommodation with one or more housemates and are you sharing one contract? Then it is not possible to terminate your contract individually. You are not renting a room. In case you do wish to leave the accommodation you are responsible to introduce a potential candidate who will take over your place or the remaining tenant(s) have to prove that there is sufficient financial funds to provide the monthly rent without you. In both cases a new contract has to be set up, which will cost € 242 incl. 21% VAT. Please note: the landlord is entitled to refuse an introduced and candidate as well as the new situation.

Termination within rental period

If you have a rental agreement for a minimum rental period you are officially not allowed to terminate your contract before the ending date of the contract. In case you wish to terminate the contract, for whatever reason, before the official termination date, you will be charged for breach of contract as well as been held responsible for the monthly rent until there is a new tenant, or obviously until the end of the contract. This all will be confirmed in a so called allonge. Keep in mind: your termination will be confirmed after receiving a signed copy of your allonge. Please click here for an example.


As you know your accommodation has to be rented again. Therefore we need your cooperation. Viewings always take place under guidance of one our team members and are being planned from Monday to Friday between 10.00 AM and 5.30 PM on Wednesdays between 10.00 AM and 8.30 PM. We shall notify you upfront so you can be prepared. Ideally Vesting Vastgoed would like to enter your apartment with the spare key, if you prefer to be present that is not a problem. However we do expect some flexibility concerning the viewing times. As mentioned in your rental agreement, when lacking in cooperation, you can be held responsible for rental loss.


You may never use your deposit as last month rent. Vesting Vastgoed has a returning policy of officially 3 months, unless stated otherwise stated in your rental contract. After a successful final inspection you usually can expect your deposit after 1 month. In case of deductions it may take longer.

Rent increase

Every year the government determines the rental increase and the maximum percentage. The landlord is allowed to increase the rent once a year or twice per 24 months. Vesting Vastgoed increases the rent every 1st of July. In your rental agreement is stated starting which date your rent may be increased.