The best selling price with Vesting Vastgoed.

Are you looking into selling your house?

We as a real estate agent would like to take this challenge. In this dynamic market you want an agent that will get the best possible deal for you. Vesting Vastgoed does the following for you as an real estate agent:


After we have met you (in person), we will make an appointment for the intake where we will (again) explain our work method. One of our experienced colleagues will measure, appraise and take pictures of the accommodation. An clear and catchy description will be made by us and we will place your accommodation into our automated system. Vesting Vastgoed will freely advice you about the selling price and will discuss the best-selling strategy for your object.

Viewings and negotiations

As the real estate agent we will guide the viewings with potential buyers. When there are interested parties we will negotiate on your behalf regarding the asking price and other terms and conditions. As your real estate agent we opt for the best possible deal for you.

Last phase

Vesting Vastgoed guides you through the whole process up until the transportation day at the notary. We will inform you about every detail what is and will take place.

For more information or non-binding advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would you also like to know what the best sales strategy is for your home or are you curious about the value of your home?


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