A specialist in Expats housing.

Housing is an important aspect for Expats!

We understand the special needs of this specific market and assist, also when still abroad, in finding the most suitable accommodation and in all the related issues to make the resettlement in the Netherlands as easy as possible.

Expat market

We know as no other that the Expat market can be very dynamic and at times challenging. Every situation is unique and requires a different approach. We grab every challenge with both hands and try to exceed every expectation of the client. Due to our expertise in the (Expat) market and our cultural backgrounds we are able to provide the client with that little bit extra to make the transition to The Hague easier. Vesting Vastgoed’s team can help you in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Papiamento.


Finding the perfect accommodation is obviously Vesting Vastgoed’s main objective. This is where our focus is. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a furnished or partly furnished accommodation, near an International school or in the City centre, for long term or shorter period, no matter what the wishes are we will try our best to find the perfect match. We offer Expats and Internationals the possibility to view different options introducing them to the different neighborhoods. During such tour the clients are being provided with (inside) information of that particular area.

Expat service

Vesting Vastgoed does not only assist with the finding of the ideal accommodation. The rental contract, Dutch rules and legal elements (where applicable) shall thoroughly be discussed before signing the contract. Therefore we create a transparent environment for the client so he can feel at ease when signing. We also offer extra information about the Netherlands, the do’s and don’ts in The Hague and we provide the client with tips and tricks for a smooth stay in our city. Needless to say we can also apply for the utilities and help with the application for several insurances.

After care

Our services doesn’t stop after a successful transaction. The client can always fall back on us. Rent related mail written in Dutch, language barrier with the landlord, need domestic help or help and/or advice needed for whatever – you can always count on Vesting Vastgoed to assist you were needed.

How can Vesting Vastgoed help you?

Let us know for sure. We are happy to tell you more about our services!

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